Meet Victoria “Tori”

Tori starting riding around 7-8 yrs old and her lifelong journey with horses began. Blessed to spend the majority of her childhood at a 1500 acre horse farm in Hillsborough,  N.C., Tori spent all her time learning about horses, showing, fox-hunting, eventing, and Pony Clubbing. Riding bareback with halters in the open fields, running with horses, or just sitting – spending time with them, swimming in the pond with horses, sleeping in their stalls when allowed, and sharing snacks with them (Cheese Crackers and Mountain Dew).  Horses were just as much a part of her life as breathing air.

“I’ve always had a spiritual connection with horses.”


Several chapters of life passed, and after close to 40 yrs of not “being with” horses Tori came across a little quarter horse and fell in love – Rose.   Rose had a loving spirit, and the heart of a little girl. God opened doors and they became partners. It was if a surge of oxygen was pumped into her lungs again.

“Rose came to me right before I found out my husband had cancer.”

Tori knows that Rose was God’s gift, to give her strength in a time of sadness. Rose and Tori have learned and grown together and Rose is her sanctuary and heart. Their connection has given them opportunities to try different disciplines and Rose has demonstrated true versatility; trained working western, they have learned to work with cows, in addition to training dressage and hunt seat.