Why Flowtrition?

The path that brought me to Equine Flowtrition started at a Liberty and Dressage clinic I attended with Rose, held by the co-founders of the equine art experience Cavalia – Frederic Pignon and his wife, Magali Delgado. As Frederic was working with Rose, he sensed her sacrum pain and told me that Flowtrition would help. Frederic then referred me to Lance Wright, who had taught Frederic Flowtrition while working on Frederic’s horse, Templado, while performing with Cavalia in Texas. Frederic and Magali practice it with  their horses in France, and inspired by their first-hand experience, I soon found myself on a plane and attending the next class that Lance and his wife, Jeanette,  held in Texas.

Why Massage Therapy?

As a lifelong equestrian, health benefits consultant, and fitness instructor, I have always known the importance of receiving massages for my muscles and well-being, and knew that horses, as the incredible and beautiful athletes they are, could also benefit from massage as well. We put extraordinary demands on the mind, body and spirit of the horse –  massage helps keep the body and mind healthy. I became certified in equine sports massage to benefit Rose and any other horse I felt needed therapy.  It became another connection to the animals I have always loved, and a way to give back to them. What better way to connect to one of God’s most magnificent creatures than through touch? As an equine sports massage therapist, working with horses in this manner is a healing benefit for both the horse and me in many ways.

My goal: Happier, healthier horses make happier, healthier people.  If I can connect and work with a horse and provide a change for the better, then I have accomplished my goal.